Periode: 1650 - 1684

Afmetingen: H: 9,0 cm B: 9,0 cm

Inventarisnummer: V08070

Sometimes Solingen had to resort to heavier artillery to restore a dented cranium to its proper shape. This 'two-legged jack' consists of three parts: a drill, a screw and an accompanying bridge'. First the surgeon made incisions in the skin around the wound and folded it aside.
Then he screwed the drill into the cranium close to the point of fracture.
He then placed the 'bridge' over it in such a way that the ring, with its square inner aperture, fitted exactly round the bit. Next he passed the screw through a hole at the top of the bipod and screwed it into the internal thread on the bit.
This was held firmly in the ring and could no longer turn. If Solingen carefully continued turning the screw, he jacked the bit vertically upwards.
Hardly any anaesthetic techniques existed as yet, so that if he did not faint with fear and pain the unfortunate patient was conscious for the whole operation. His head was held by an assistant and his ears were plugged with lint, so that the noise of the drill should not be too disturbing.
After the operation was complete the patient's wound was dressed and the hole in the skull gradually closed from the edges inwards.